Things you should be doing in 2022!

The number of ways to live in one lifetime is limitless. So why limit yourself?

It's been forever since I started my 2021 travel bucket list and it's been wasted for obvious reasons. So next year It's all about doing more travelling, seeing more places and making up for the time I managed to lose.

I've put together a few ideas of what we could all get up to next year! After this awful year (and a bit) I think it's really taught us that we need to make the most of our lives and do things we wouldn't even think about doing normally.

Get on that solo trip!

I'm a huge fan of solo trips ever since my first one in 2018 to Rome. I was absolutely dreading it but I'm so glad I went. I've spoken to a few people over the years who want to try it but are worried they'll get lonely or bored. Let me tell you something, you won't! Make 2022 the year that you do this and it doesn't matter where you go, even if it's a staycation or up the road for a spa weekend. The whole point of a solo trip for me is that you learn to enjoy your own company and it's literally the best thing you can do for yourself - I like to call them my wellbeing trips. Trust me when I say this, you won't regret it and I bet you’ll find out that you're a pretty fabulous person with amazing company.

Spontaneous trips

If you've got the money and zero commitments then a spontaneous trip is the way forward as it's a wild way to travel and full of adventure. I absolutely love travelling without a fixed itinerary as you have the freedom to wander where and when you please. If you're someone who needs to have a solid travel plan, why not make 2022 your year and push yourself out of your comfort zone?

*Tip Time* My biggest tips for spontaneous travel is to download the CheapFlights app as it gives you hints as to when the flights are cheaper. Keep an eye out for the budget airlines and their sales, sometimes you can get yourself some bargains! Also, book a hotel room that you don't need to pay for until you arrive. That way, you can save up and keep an eye on your budget. You can also nip over to my website and I'll be happy to help you look for any flights or package holidays *wink wink*.

Working remotely abroad or in a different part of your country

With the majority of us now working from home where possible, why not work remotely in a different country? Why not book a staycation? If you don't have to go to the office every day and you're working from home 5 days a week, then you've got nothing to keep you stuck in the house. So I would pack your laptop up, grab your passport and/or suitcase and change the scenery. (Funnily enough i'm doing this in August!) There are plenty of Air BnBs that offer great weekly or monthly rates and if you go abroad then you can just get yourself a one way ticket and decide later when you want to come back. But if you're going to do this then just make sure you don't overstay and check the amount of time you're allowed to stay there etc. We don't want you getting arrested! Whilst doing my research, I found that Greece and other countries are actually starting to administer 'Digital Nomad' visas but i'll follow up with this when it's actually become a "thing".

Samantha x